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Sponsor a Foster Child Today!

Sponsor local children in foster care to be able to attend a community theater performance of Annie. Many foster children in our agency have never had the opportunity to attend a play before, and with lives full of heartache and difficulty, we want to treat them to a night out with their foster families to help them feel valued and loved.

Children’s Hope currently has 326 foster children and youth in 170 foster homes. We serve all of Northern California as far down as Solano County. We have purchased tickets with money raised for the older foster youth to attend the Friday night production, and we are seeking support to pay for our younger children to attend on Saturday.

Yuba City Acting Company added an extra matinee performance for Children’s Hope Foster Youth and we will be blocking out the entire theater. We are grateful for any donation to support and sponsor foster children. Thank you for your generosity. If you’d like a receipt of donation please e-mail


“Bet your bottom dollar!”

A dollar goes a long way. With as little as a dollar you can help a foster child attend the showing for Annie The Musical. You can make a bigger impact by sharing “bet your bottom dollar” with your friends! To donate click on the sponsor button.

Sponsorship Levels

$500 will sponsor 20 foster children.

$250 will sponsor 10 foster children.

$100 sponsors 4 foster children.

$25 sponsors one foster child.


“It’s a hard knock life.”


Presented by:

The Acting Company

Sponsors: Freedom Home Health and Hospice Care Services, Inc. and Bob & Jeanne McClard

You’re never fully dressed without a smile
— Annie 1982