How can you be a part of Team Hope?

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Children's Hope is always seeking talented individuals to be part of our growing team. We are a non-profit organization focused on providing our clients with exceptional service by having a knowledgeable, caring and understanding staff. We are determined to "make a difference, one child at a time!" If you are seeking a professional stable career working with children please apply. We offer 403b and medical benefits for full time employees, vacation, sick time, all major holidays and weekends off. 

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Steps to Apply:

We invite interested parties to forward a current resume and a separate informational cover letter, both in a PDF format.

 In your resume, include a work history detailing length of employment with appropriate names and most recent contact information for reference checks.  Also, include educational institutions, degrees and completion dates from your under graduate and graduate programs.

 In the cover letter, tell us how you learned about Children’s Hope and details regarding internships, mentoring or volunteer experience you may have had.  Please close by sharing your short and long-term employment goals.  

Please send your resume and cover letter to Kevin Tippets at

Current Available Positions

Children's Hope Social Worker

Qualifications: Master's in Social Work from an accredited graduate school of social work completion of all work towards a degree except a thesis. Acceptable fields of study include Social Work, marriage, Family or Child Counseling, Child Psychology, Child Development, Counseling Psychology or Social Psychology. 

The qualifications for a Social Worker/Therapist are based on Title 22. Division 6, Chapter #1, General Licensing Requirements, Section 80065, Personnel Requirements, Chapter #9, Home-finding Agencies, and Section 89155. Social workers not meeting a Master's level of education may apply for an exception provided they meet the requirement (s) described in ILS 88265.3.

Job Responsibilities: To ensure the resource (foster) child has been placed in a home that provides a safe and positive environment by monitoring and observing the resource family. As an unofficial agent of the court, the Social Worker is responsible for implementing the individualized plan developed for our client (child).  In order to meet the requirements set forth by State and County Regulatory Agencies the Social Worker must chronicle the client's behavior and progress, the Social Worker must maintain current and accurate case documentation. The Social Worker must effectively manage up to 15 client caseloads. The Social Worker serves as an advocate for the client and to ensure the client is not deprived of their rights. 

Children's Hope Transporter

Qualifications: Must pass Live Scan (fingerprinting) and background checks. Minimum of 5 years driving experience, provide a clean DMV print out and proof of insurance every 6 months. Demonstrate good driving skills and follow hands-free cell phone laws and policies. High School Diploma or GED. Possess basic math skills, including addition or multiplication. No prior experienced required, on the job training provided. 

Job Responsibilities: Transport children and non-minor dependents (the "passengers") to and from required visits and appointments as assigned by agency staff, county staff, medical professionals others. Must enjoy working with children and youth and demonstrate excellent communication skills. Be able to work with minimal supervision, follow instructions, be flexible and adapt to change. Demonstrate excellent time management and organizational skills.  Assist with monitoring and observing visits with necessary or requested. Maintain confidentiality, adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Keep self, vehicles and transportation office area clean, professional and presentable at all times. Inspect vehicles before each transport to report safety, general maintenance or noncompliance issues. Accidents, regardless of fault, must be reported to your supervisor immediately, then proceed to follow protocol.