Continuing Education

Every year Resource Parents are required to complete 12  hours of training in order to maintain their certification.  Please complete any of the following and turn in the required paperwork to our records department.


Video Training

YouTube videos covering some very important topics.  For each video you just need to write a 2 paragraph summary and turn it in.   So sit back relax, get a note pad, pencil and some popcorn and get trained.


It is simple, you read the document and then you follow the direction as to whether you need to write a 2 paragraph summary or you need to complete the fill in the blank test.

CPR / First Aid

Every 2 years you need to get this updated.  There are a number of different sites to choose from, our favorites are listed in this link.  After you are certified you no longer need hands-on training.

Water Safety Training

Is there a body of water on your property?  Guess what you get to do.  This is a real simple course that will make your life easier.  Although you may think you know it all you may be surprised.


Additional Training Resources

There are other websites that offer a number of training on a wide variety of subjects.  Following this link will get you to a list of credible training resources.  Some cost money and other do not.