Frequently Asked Questions


1.       Who can become a foster parent?

People who are married or single, male or female, at least 18 years of age, from any socioeconomic background, and have good parenting skills as well as a sincere desire to care and make a difference in the lives of foster children are encouraged to become foster parents.


2.       Are there any special requirements?

In addition to being of good character and moral fiber, a person desiring to be a foster parent must clear a criminal background check and child abuse clearance, as well as be certified in CPR and First Aid.


3.       Do I need any special training?

Yes. Along with mandatory training to recognize and report child abuse, you will receive 12 hours of training and orientation. Once you are trained and certified, we will provide you with continued training each month to meet requirements for continuing education for re-certification.


4.       What exactly is certification?

State regulations require potential foster parents to be certified before they can be foster parents. This process involves training and orientation, assessment of your family’s readiness for foster parenting, evaluation of your home to assure safety and other legal requirements, fingerprint and child abuse clearances, first aid and CPR training, and completion of the application packet.


5.       How long does it take to become certified?

Depending on whether or not you have any transferable clearances and the amount of time you need to complete the training process, the time will vary from 30 days to several months before certification is possible.


6.       What types of children will I get?

Children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds are available for placement. Some children are in the system due to various circumstances beyond their control, while some of the older children may be there due to poor choices on their part. If any of the children have any problems, we provide the tools, training, and counseling to help you meet the child’s needs.


7.       Do I have say in which child I get?

Yes. We make every effort to match the child with your home and your preferences in age and gender. You will be involved and have the option to accept or not accept a placement.


8.       Where can I get more information?

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions and thank you for your interest in foster care. Together we make a difference, one child at a time. (530) 846-4955.