Children's Hope Golf Fundraiser

"May the Course Be With You"

May 4, 2018


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Help foster children be successful in school. 

Morgan Creek Golf Course

8791 Morgan Creek Ln.

Roseville, CA 95747

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
— -Benjamin Franklin
why education matters to foster children? 

why education matters to foster children? 


Why Does Education Matter for Foster Children? 

Why education matters to foster kids? With strong practices, policies, and positive school experiences can counteract the negative effects of abuse, neglect, and separation. Education not only supports economic success in adult life, it also provides opportunities for improved well -being in physical, intellectual, and social domains during critical development periods (Fostering Success in Education). 

We are pleased to invite you to our first Children’s Hope Annual Charity Golf Tournament to help raise funds for local foster children. Children’s Hope is a non-profit foster agency operating, since 2000, and currently serving over 350 foster children throughout the North State. We have seen a great influx in children in the past year and the number continues to grow.

Funds generated from this tournament will be used in our educational tutoring program. This program assists in providing educational tutoring services for foster children. As it’s not uncommon for foster youth to be behind in school, we work with families to provide them tools needed for academic success. We, like you, want all children to have a positive support system, and to know that their past does not have to determine their future.

Our tutoring program has been a success for many children and youth. As the famous Chinese philosopher said, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”  This quotation serves as a foundation for our commitment to foster children. Second only to a loving and caring home for these disadvantaged youth, is an amazing experience in school, where they feel their past does not determine their future.

National statistics for foster children show that they are the lowest performing group of children in the classroom and on test scores. Foster children have to carry all the baggage of trauma with them. They quickly “learn” that they are not as smart as the other students in the classroom. Their confidence is sometimes so bruised that they just feel “dumb.”

On average a child that is placed with Children’s Hope is already 1 to 2 ½ years behind in school due to negligence. School is seldom a priority in the homes they come from. At the age of 10, our students are already experiencing the larger gap between them and the other children in comprehension and performance.

This summer we were faced with a dilemma. We were approached by one of our social workers who was concerned. She had a little boy and a little girl struggling in school. Her biggest priority was to ensure the little boy, who is 7 years old, had the guidance and tutoring he needed to move on to 1st grade. She was shocked to learn that this young child was going to repeat Kindergarten for the 3rd time. School personnel determined this child was severely emotionally traumatized. Tutoring at that time wouldn’t have proven to be beneficial. He was learning how to be part of a home and family. He was adjusting to a life where food wasn’t scarce. He was learning how to identify eating utensils. He was learning how to get into a bathtub. We have included the original letter that our social worker wrote when she learned how deeply this young child was struggling in school.

Only 51% of youth in foster care receive their high school diploma. We are proud to report that with the right focus and one-on-one tutoring Children’s Hope’s graduation rates have been as high as 92%. Children’s Hope has partnered with Bartelt Education Center for tutoring services for the past 10 years. Ken and Mary Bartelt are past foster parents, but also understand the importance of education in the lives of children and youth. Their experience as educators has combined with their experience as foster parents to lay the foundation for comprehending what our foster children experience.

 Children’s Hope currently has 340 children in placement, 140 of whom are school age. We have a critical need to continue and grow our tutoring program.  Over the past few years Children’s Hope has reached out to our local service clubs with great success and have their continued support for which we are very grateful for.

Below you will find an outline of our steps for success:

1.   An educational plan is constructed, with the child’s teacher, social worker, and family involved.

2.  Testing to give an understanding what the child’s strengths and weaknesses are in and in which subject. Testing normally costs $180. Bartelt does this for foster children for free.

3.   Once a thorough understanding of the child’s needs has been assessed they will begin attending one on one tutoring sessions twice a week. After 24 sessions the child is reevaluated. If the tutoring has been successful, additional sessions may be added as appropriate.

Bartelt Tutoring offers Children’s Hope a discounted rate of $34.00 dollars per hour for one-on-one tutoring. This also includes the free testing and all learning supplies needed.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all the students in need. But we can still make a difference in the children’s lives with the greatest needs.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Championship Sponsor $5,000.00


1 complimentary foursome plus 2 single players

Championship Sponsor tee box sign on holes #1 and #9

Sponsor recognition on any printed material

Sponsor recognition on all social media and webpage

Logo on webpage for entire year

Branded gift opportunity in goody bag

Big shout out during lunch event

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Clubhouse Sponsor $3000.00-$4000.00

1 complimentary foursome

Clubhouse sponsor tee box signs on holes #10 and #18

Sponsor recognition on all printed materials

Sponsor recognition on all social media and webpage

Branded gift opportunity in goody bag

Big shout out during lunch 

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Eagle Sponsor $1000.00-$2000.00

2 single player registration

Sponsor recognition on all printed materials

Sponsor recognition on all social media outlets 

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Single Hole Sponsor $500.00

Single hole sponsor tee box sign on one hole

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Foursome $500.00            


Individual Players $150.00


Breakfast and lunch will be provided

Raffle tickets for awesome raffle prizes

PayPal Accepted phone number to use (530) 632-0377

Just because you cannot foster does not mean you can’t help foster children.  There are many ways to help foster children to have a more stable future. By playing in our charity golf tournament provides you a wonderful opportunity.