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Children's Hope is a non-profit organization that  was founded in 2000, with a goal of "not being the biggest agency, but to be the best at what we do." Our agency tailors to the needs of many children from many different walks of life, allowing us to be diverse. We provide a foundation for our resource (foster) parents to ensure they have a professional level of support  when they enroll with us. We believe in providing a positive experience. We are licensed by the state of California through CARF (Children at Risk Foundation) . 

Resource (foster) parents are destined to love, protect, heal, strengthen, comfort, teach, uplift, encourage, nourish, guide, inspire, and cherish children. Our children also known as our clients come from displaced homes that involve many different forms of trauma such as neglect, emotional and sexual abuse. 

What is a Resource Parent? It is you! 

The state of California as endeavored on a quest to renovate the current foster care system. In January of 2017 the state introduces Resource Family Approval Program also known as RFA.  The new RFA program focus revolves more around the child.  It takes all these current  elements of foster parenting license, relative approval, and approvals for adoption and guardianship processes and combines this into one RFA program. What does this mean for our resource children? It means....

  • More streamlined process that eliminates duplication of the existing processes.
  • It brings unification of approval standards for all caregivers, regardless of the child's case plan.
  • Includes a thorough psycho-social assessment. home environment check, and training for all families and relatives.
  • It helps better prepare families physically and mentally to better understand the needs of displaced children in the resource care system.
  • Allows more effective transitioning to a permanent home.
  • Children are known as resource children and parents are known as resource parents. 

Children's Hope is excited in working with RFA and the Quality Parent Initiative (QPI) in support of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR). The RFA process improves the way caregivers of children in resource (foster) care are approved and prepared to parent displaced children may that be permanently or temporarily. The QPI system helps to redesign child welfare organizations at the local level to better recruit, support and retain quality resource (foster) care who are well qualified and can effectively parent children and youth. Together they work to build the continum of foster care placement options to better meet the needs of children in home based family care.