Woodcreek Golf Club

5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747


Charity Golf Tournament

Due to the various levels of abuse Foster Children face, they are statistically more prone to having difficulty learning in school. Foster children have lower graduation rates as compared to their peers and higher dropout rates.

Your participation in our charity golf tournament will help provide educational tutoring services for foster children in our care. The cost of 1 child having educational tutoring through a tutoring agency is about $1500.00, which is not government funded.

The goal is to raise $35,000.00 to help aid Foster Children in their educational needs. Allowing each child to have the opportunity to be happier, more motivated, and better prepared for life’s challenges.

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Sponsorships and Player Rates

Blessed Heart Sponsor $2000.00 and up

Appreciation ad on Facebook, Instagram, and webpage. 4 players, hole sponsorship, golf cart ad.

Heart of Gold Sponsor $1000.00-$1999.99

Appreciation ad Facebook, Instagram, and webpage, 4 players, hole sponsorship

Heart-to-Heart Sponsor $500.00-$999.99

Appreciation ad Facebook, Instagram, and webpage, hole sponsorship

4 Player Team $500.00

Single Player $150.00

 All donation are tax deductible.

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