Training Overview

Whether you are just starting on your journey to become a Resource Family, or transitioning from Foster Family to Resource Family or are in need of training hours to renew your certification, education is a pivotal and essential part of what we do.  Below you will find 3 portals that will take you to the training's you are in need of depending how far along you are with the certification process.

Becoming a Resource Family

We continue to be appreciative of you and your willingness to take children into your homes and lives.  The training found here are part of your certification process and are required for you to become a Resource Family.  

Converting from Foster Family to Resource Family

The state now requires more training in order to be a Resource Family.  There are many benefits to this not only as a family but also to the children you serve.


Continuing Education

Every year Resource Parents are required to fulfill 20 hours of continuing education.  This can be done by reviewing a training done previously or by learning something new that would better help them with children they 

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