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"I may be small, but I matter. Teach me. Love me. Believe in me. Because with your guidance, when I'm all grown up, I'm going to be someone amazing." -sarah wheeler

Children's Hope is a non-profit organization that  was founded in 2000, with a goal of "not being the biggest agency, but to be the best at what we do." Our agency tailors to the needs of many children and siblings from many different walks of life, allowing us to be diverse.  We believe in providing a positive experience. We are licensed by the state of California through CARF (Children at Risk Foundation) . 

Resource (foster) parents are destined to love, protect, heal, strengthen, comfort, teach, uplift, encourage, nourish, guide, inspire, and cherish children. Children enter foster care due to being neglected, abused, or even abandoned by their biological care providers. 

Children’s Hope does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, and sexual orientation.

The care Children's Hope provides does not stop once the child has aged out of foster care. We continue our care through our THP and THP-PLUS programs. For more information go to Independent Living. 

Foster Care and How You Can Make a Difference? 

Foster care is a way of providing love and support to a child that has been displaced from their home and placed in the care of Children's Hope. The number of children in foster care continues to grow. Nationwide there are 437,500 children in foster care. In California there are 55,000 children in foster care and Children's Hope works with over 300. 

  Our dedicated social workers work with children in our care to provide continued guidance, emotional support, and help strengthen the bond between foster child and foster family. Our foster families go through an intricate training program that certifies them to be able to provide care.

Children's Hope provides loving families that will open their homes and hearts to foster children to love and care for them as their own. Children's Hope currently supports over 180 families in many different counties and continue to acquire new families that would like to make a difference, one child at a time! 

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Together we can make a difference. #supportthecause