Intensive Services Foster Care

The Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) program is intended to serve children who require intensive treatment and behavioral supports, as well as children with specialized health care needs. The program is designed to ensure that foster youth receive the services they need in a home-based family care setting and that they do not remain in or enter a short-term residential program or Group Home. 

To achieve this, the ISFC program provides core services and supports, including arranging access to mental health treatment, providing trauma-informed care, and providing transitional support during placement in certified Children’s Hope ISFC resource family homes.

ISFC Resource Parent Requirements: 

For the well-being of these foster children and your family every resource parent in an ISFC certified home is required to complete mandatory initial and ongoing training hours, which include:

  • 51 hours of pre-placement training

  • 24 hours of training within the first 12 months of receiving an ISFC certification

  • 12 hours annually

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