Transitional Housing Programs

Children’s Hope Foster Family Agency offers extended foster care to transition-age youth 18-25 years of age. As foster youth transition out of foster care and enter adulthood, there is still a need for support, and our agency offers two programs: Transitional Housing Placement – Plus Foster Care (THP+FC) and Transitional Housing Program – Plus.

A Children’s Hope agency social worker is assigned to every transition-age youth in the THP Programs to help with transitioning skills like college enrollment, financial planning, and career development. To maintain eligibility within the THP Programs, clients must be enrolled in college or a trade school or be employed.

Transitional Housing Placement – Plus Foster Care (THP+FC)

THP+FC (or THP-NMD) is an extended foster care program created for foster youth ages 18-21 who desire continued comprehensive supportive services and housing options. Eligible foster youth are designated as Non-Minor Dependents, including those supervised by probation, and are provided a Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) by a county social worker. A Children’s Hope agency social worker provides guidance to the THP client to fulfill the TILP. 

Note: Youth in guardianships who are not current dependents are not eligible for placement in THP+FC.

Transitional Housing Program – Plus (THP – Plus)

THP-Plus is a transitional housing program opportunity for young adults who exited from foster care, including those supervised by probation, on or after their 18th birthday and are not yet 24 years of age (25 years of age in counties that have opted to extend services.) The program provides a safe living environment while helping youth to develop life skills for successful independent living.

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